What's the key to

Happy House Hunting?Negotiating with Power?A Pre-Approval That Sellers Trust?

A Certified Pre-Approval … Backed by a $5,000 Guarantee.


Four dirty truths about so-called "Pre-Approvals" that could cost you that perfect home:

Most "Pre-Approvals" are NOT real loan approvals.

Those Pre-Approvals are educated guesses about a buyer’s qualifications.

Loan Originators issue Pre-Approvals, but they have NO approval authority.

ONLY Underwriters Can Approve Loans.


Get your Ironclad Pre-Approval with Family Mortgage.


Two Facts that Could Help You KEEP that Ideal Home


Family Mortgage Certified Pre-Approvals are fully documented, processed, and issued by authorized Underwriters.


Our Pre-Approvals are backed by a $5,000 Guarantee.

Family Mortgage Certified Pre-Approval backed by a $5,000 Guarantee!


LIGHTNING FAST online applications


Reduced documentation customized to your financial situation.  



How does the $5,000 Guarantee work?

At Family Mortgage we are so confident of our Certified Pre-Approval, that if yours doesn't hold up we'll pay the seller $5,000. And that will get a seller's attention.

The 11 BIG Advantages to Being a Family Mortgage Certified Pre-Approved Homebuyer

Our Certified Pre-Approval has so many perks...
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“The team at Family Mortgage was amazing. From helping us to improve our credit score early in the process to getting us through the offer, to making sure we understood everything, they were there, communicating. Special shout out to Michelle Hawkins, Wendi Perez, John Becker, Cheryl Cappelli, and Scott Evans for making it all happen for us.”

J. Cloonan

Home Owner

“We had some challenging requirements and the Family Mortgage Team at LenderOne were fabulous! They were able to come up with a unique loan approach based on our circumstances (recently self-employed) that fit our needs. All individuals we worked with were knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. The paperwork was accomplished via email and the internet; clarifications were handled via the phone and/or text. They are an extremely easy lender to work with; in fact, they work with the individuals requiring the loan rather than working for themselves. We greatly appreciate everything they did for us. We highly recommend this lender.”

G & B Clark

Home Owner

“We were introduced to Scott from our Realtor, and from the beginning, we could not have been more impressed with his willingness to get this deal done! While my husband and I both had great credit, we had other challenges, but Scott remained steadfast and made it work. Never have I had a lender send personalized videos to explain cost breakdowns, rates, etc! He even reviewed the full closing disclosure via video. We are now in our dream home, and would recommend Scott, and The Family Mortgage Team to Everyone!”

Sonya B.

Home Owner